The Center for Food and Culture believes that Food Connects Us All, and that we need to nourish connections to and through food. We do that by:

  1. providing information and resources on all aspects of food on our website;
  2. developing educational materials and publications available through our website;
  3. conducting projects, workshops, and presentations about food.

Several things about us:

We approach food as something that is much more than just “stuff to eat.” It is a realm of experience and activity that is shaped by history and the physical environment, but also carries individual memories, interests, and personalities. It is interwoven into all aspects of our lives, and our choices about food affect not only ourselves, but also other people and the earth. 

Recognizing the complexity of both food and culture, we offer ways to look at issues around food, and provide resources to the variety of perspectives on those issues.

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  1. I look forward to following this site as it evolves! In the meantime, I am–pending sufficient interest– developing a foodways panel for the Appalachian Studies Association annual meeting in March 2015 (Shepherdstown, WV). Lucy (others), are you in this year? RSVP! The deadling is 10/15/15.


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