Introducing Center Staff–Education Coordinator

One of the longest standing members of the Center for Food and Culture staff is Melissa Hill. Melissa has worked with the Center since its beginnings and has been irreplaceable in developing the Center’s website, its everyday operations, and its various projects. Starting as a research intern when she was an undergraduate at Bowling Green State University, Melissa been the Education Coordinator for the Center, working with designing and implementing various curriculum projects. She is well qualified for the position, not only by her degrees (two Bachlors in Education and Liberal Studies; Masters in Tourism and Education), but also by her experiences as a middle school and mother of four. She also lends her artistic eye to designing Center materials and frequently conducts public programs for the Center.

The Center for food and culture is run by volunteers and interns. Anyone interested in participating in some way can contact the Director, Dr. Lucy Long at

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  1. Having just completed a book on women farmers (McFarland Publishers, Nov. 2016) I am presently working on a book about how women are impacting the food system. My understanding is that Dr. Long will be at Folklore Village in WI Sept 10th to speak on food, culture and the sustainability issue, and I’m wondering whether there is any possibility that I could meet with her sometime during her stay, with a view toward discussing these issues in greater depth? It would be wonderful if we could work something out…

    Many thanks – PD

    Paula vW. Dail, PhD


    1. . Yes. Saturday, Sept. 10, 2-3:15, “Every Bite You Take: How Food connects us to Past, Place, People, and the Future.”The Folklore Village in Dodgeville, WI’s Sustainability weekend includes discussions and how-to workshops in a number of areas, including old-time music and dance! You can email Dr. Long at


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