Ethnicity, Cultural Beliefs, and Immediate Contexts as Factors in Emotional Eating During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hi everyone, I’m working with a nutrition colleague at BGSU on a project looking at the impact of ethnicity and individuals’ living situations on emotional eating during the Pandemic. Emotional eating is similar to comfort food, but it’s the idea of eating for emotional reasons rather than for biological, nutritional, or social ones. We’re focusing on individuals of Asian heritage, for the unfortunately obvious reasons of the rise in discrimination against Asians during covid. If you live in NW Ohio and have Asian heritage and wouldn’t mind being interviewed for 45 minutes, please let me know ( The official notice is below. Feel free to pass this along.**We are inviting volunteers for a research study exploring if ethnicity, specifically of east and southeast Asian heritage, impacted emotional eating during the pandemic. The study includes 1 virtual interview that will be less than 1 hour. Anyone who identifies as Asian, is at least 18 years old, and currently lives in Northwest Ohio is invited to participate in the study. Participants will receive $10 Kroger gift card for their time. Feel free to forward this information to others. For more information, contact Dr. Wan Shen ( or Dr. Lucy Long (

This builds from the comfort/discomfort foodways project from last summer as well as research on emotional eating by Dr. Shen.

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