Board of Directors

President–Lucy Long

Lucy Long is currently a research associate at Bowling Green State University’s Institute for the Study of Culture and Society, where she taught for 25 years in the departments of music, popular culture, American studies, international studies, and tourism. She has a PhD in Folklore (1995) from the University of Pennsylvania and has researched and published on many aspects of food, ethnicity and foodways, regional American foods, culinary tourism, food and sustainability, and more. She is a member of the executive board of the Association for the Study of Food and Society.

Vice President–Lydia Allen

Secretary– Christine Haar

Christine Haar is a Registered Dietitian and Master Gardener living in Bowling Green, Ohio.  She graduated from the University of Toledo in 1979 earning Bachelor”s Degrees in Biology and Chemistry.  A basic nutrition course inspired her to pursue her M.S. degree at the University of Delaware where she also completed the requirements for the R.D. Credential. After working in a variety of aspects of nutrition and dietetics including long term care, acute care and outpatient counseling, she became director of the Bowling Green State University Internship Program in Nutrition and Dietetics where she assists post-baccalaureate students in pursuing their dreams to become an R.D.  The promotion of local food and the appreciation of the foods of other cultures is an area of particular interest.

Treasurer Rebecca L. White-Schooner

Rebecca L. White-Schooner is an organic farmer and artist living in Weston, Ohio. Rebecca graduated from Cazenovia College in 1989 where she studied Studio Art/Commercial Illustration. She then attended Bowling Green State University where she earned her B.A. in Art History and History in 1992. Rebecca has continued her love of learning by taking several courses dealing with topics that support her interest. She and her husband own Inspired By Nature, a natural pond and lake management company along with Schooner Farms, a biointensive farm. Rebecca is very active in the local food movement and serves on several committees supporting those philosophies. Rebecca teaches workshops on homesteading and also speaks on the historical domestic roles of women.

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