Culinary Tourism Trail of Bowling Green, OH

The Bowling Green Culinary Tourism Trail was developed by Lucy Long, based on her scholarship on culinary tourism as “eating out of curiosity.” The trail is unique in that it educates tourists about the food cultures they are visiting in order to “stir” interest in the foods that are meaningful within that culture. the more typical approach is to create dishes that are unique, memorable, and usually expensive. The Trail brochure gives brief historical background on the city, then identifies foods representing its food culture. Pages listing restaurants serving those foods were given separately.

The project was partially funded by grants obtained by Dr. Long from the Ohio Humanities Council and Bowling Green State University. Students at Bowling Green State University participated in historical and ethnographic research for the project, and community organizations, including the Bowling Green Convention and Visitors Bureau, MainStreetBG, and the Wood County Historical Museum, collaborated in the final design, publicity, and distribuition of the trail brochure. The concept and content of the brochure was developed by Long with assistance particularly from Kelli Kling (designer and marketing director at the WCHM) and then PhD student in American Culture Studies, Nathan Crook.

Culinary Tourism Trail for Bowling Green, Ohio


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