Composting and Culture–Welcome to Spring!

Composting & Culture Composting is the process of turning discarded food and plants into something usable, “healthy dirt” that nourishes the soil for growing plants. It offers a way to recycle food rather than add to heaps of trash. Composting also offers connections—to the environment, the food system, our own food habits, the places we... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back July 15, 2015

Technology is a double-edged sword, both a blessing and a curse. That’s true of this website as well as of the current state of food. Industrial agriculture developed out of humankind’s attempts to tame nature into guaranteeing a sufficient supply of food. Human inventions—technology—came up with ways to circumvent the natural cycles of growth and... Continue Reading →


The Center for Food and Culture believes that Food Connects Us All, and that we need to nourish connections to and through food. We do that by: providing information and resources on all aspects of food on our website; developing educational materials and publications available through our website; conducting projects, workshops, and presentations about food. Several... Continue Reading →

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