Holidays and Food

Food is a feature in many holiday celebrations, but holidays in the Autumn frequently revolve around food--harvest festivals, rituals of giving thanks, even Halloween. The American holiday of Thanksgiving highlights food, but other holidays this time of year and moving into the winter also use food as symbol, ritual, entertainment, and sustenance.

Introducing Center Staff–Education Coordinator

One of the longest standing members of the Center for Food and Culture staff is Melissa Hill. Melissa has worked with the Center since its beginnings and has been irreplaceable in developing the Center's website, its everyday operations, and its various projects. Starting as a research intern when she was an undergraduate at Bowling Green... Continue Reading →

Composting and Culture–Welcome to Spring!

Composting & Culture Composting is the process of turning discarded food and plants into something usable, “healthy dirt” that nourishes the soil for growing plants. It offers a way to recycle food rather than add to heaps of trash. Composting also offers connections—to the environment, the food system, our own food habits, the places we... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back July 15, 2015

Technology is a double-edged sword, both a blessing and a curse. That’s true of this website as well as of the current state of food. Industrial agriculture developed out of humankind’s attempts to tame nature into guaranteeing a sufficient supply of food. Human inventions—technology—came up with ways to circumvent the natural cycles of growth and... Continue Reading →


The Center for Food and Culture believes that Food Connects Us All, and that we need to nourish connections to and through food. We do that by: providing information and resources on all aspects of food on our website; developing educational materials and publications available through our website; conducting projects, workshops, and presentations about food. Several... Continue Reading →

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